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Polymer Clay Mosaics

Sue's training in archaeology led to a great love of mosaics and she has explored the use of polymer clay to simulate the creation of mosaics in many ways. Her book Polymer Clay Mosaics is filled with designs inspired by the mosaics of antiquity as well as modern versions of the theme.

The following images show some of the versatility of polymer clay mosaics and how the wonderful colour of the clays can be used to the full to create an authentic palette for all kinds of mosaic.

Traditional mosaics such as the Grapes Tray and Candle Sconce below are ideal subjects for polymer clay mosaics and the little tiles, or tesserae are made first and then assembled into the mosaic on a polymer clay or wooden backing. The piece is then grouted for permanence.

Micro Mosaic Dove

Micro mosaic of a Dove
Size approximately 1 in (25 mm) diameter

Mosaic Tray


Grapes Tray in tradtional classical mosaic based on a Roman design. Tray 25cm (10 ins) across

Mosaic Sconce

Candle sconce mosaic - Byzantine Jerusalem design. Approx 15cms (6ins) across.

Micro Mosaic Box

Micro Mosaic Box with a Greek Temple design.
2 in (50 mm) wide



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